Thank you Niklas for this article, this is so true and great points of view. I totally agree with you that audio book will never can replace for physical book, especially when we can re-read and double check on physical one, while audio can't.

And another great point that you point out is about the distract when we multi-task while using audiobook and doing another things as the same time.

For me, I still love to read physical book and try to read everyday books and stories on medium(last 2 months just start with medium that can read more from awesome writers as you and many others).

But I also consume the audio book when doing workout instead of just hearing workout music like before :))) (just for last 6 months). It makes the time more valuable when can learning something new.

And the great is when we can combine both of these ways together to learn and grow more :D.

BTW, this is an awesome story that lead me to write that much long comment :))). Thank you Niklas!

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